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Record Store in Depew, NY

Record Store

At The Record Baron, we carry all kinds of killer vinyls in order to enhance your life. Since 1999 we’ve been jamming and providing eclectic music to the residents of Depew, NY. When you visit us, you’ll find a loaded treasure box filled with new and used rock, metal, jazz, garage and punk vinyls. You may also discover some rare cassette tapes or imported LPs. We’ve got everything from some of the best, quality bands of the music industry.

For the past 18 years we have made it our mission to provide everyone quality and world shattering music. When it comes to records, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best your money can buy. Due to the fact that the sounds you’re producing need to sound pure, it is only obvious that you’ll want quality items that produce the best sound. If you are seeking classic or more modern band, we have it all.

So, if you’re seeking a topnotch record store visit The Record Baron in Depew, NY today! Come buy some rare vinyls or LPs at our record store!


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