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A good record store should always have a diverse selection of vinyls. The Record Baron not only has a huge selection of life changing LPs but each vinyl that we carry is different and perfect for everyone.

We have from new to used vinyls that range from smooth jazz, psychedelic rock or metal. This is why our record store makes sure to have everything you might want for the best music experience. You’re sure to find something that you’ll cherish here at The Record Baron.

Collecting LPs and vinyls is not only a fun pass time but it also makes you music experience more personal. The sound is better and you feel you’re jamming with the band and our record store’s mission is to bring that joy back into your life. Remember the fun of getting a vinyl with an exciting and creative vinyl poster? Here at The Record Baron, we are a store for music enthusiasts and collectors. The Record Baron has the best vinyls and audiophile accessories in Depew, NY!